Monday, July 29, 2013

Summertime Sadness - Boys of Summer

Hey guys, my last post for Boys of Summer has a lot of great stuff, and if you haven't gotten down there yet, better hurry.  First up is a t-shirt from deer.  I'm kinda a sucker for texture change stuff and the multi version of this shirt has 16 different shirts, or you can get the individual versions with 4 each.  The jeans from [sYs] are part of their MOUSYS collection, which I really liked, the shirt was in my last post.  If you like baggy jeans, youll love these.  The necklace from L&B I loved, and have already blogged it but loved it so much I had to wear it again.  Finally, my hat from Argrace is probably one of my favorite items I've recently bought.  Its a hat/hair combo, but the hat is simply amazing.  I've taken a closeup picture along with the HUD to show you.  The hat and brim are independently texture change, with 6 colors each, so you can mix and match colors for the perfect fit.  If that wasn't enough, you can change the logo on the hat to be any letter in the alphabet, &, or L$, and have the option of the letter being white, black, or red.  And for you ladies, they have the matching hat for you as well, in 3 different hair styles I believe.  I absolutely love it.



Facial Hair - Emortal Concepts - blk Chain Curtain
Skin - The Body Co - Fox
Facial piercings - .Pekka - Crankie Piercing
Ears - Mandala - Steking Ears
Tattoo - ::Para Designs::  Invictus Dark


Hair/Hat - *ARGRACE* - Baseball cap 2/Jacob   @ Hair Fair
T-Shirt - *.::deeR::.* - Mesh deep neck shirt   @ Boys of Summer
Jeans - [sYs] - MOUSYS loose Jeans   @ Boys of Summer
Shoes - 2REAL - Stackz
Necklace - L&B - Drift Choker   @Boys of Summer

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