Monday, January 21, 2013

Totally *EPIC* ~n~ Boobielicious!

Heyys, out there,i bet u kinda been thinking I fell off the planet,,geesh bad storm and 3 days without power totally equal Saphy going insane..but I'm back and gonna try to catch you up with some awesome fashions and deals coming your way..So many are into the Tango's and so many designers are coming out with new the top of that list *EPIC*!! These complete outfits,,yes i said complete meaning corset,panties, hose and shoes! your gonna be finding at the Boobies Show!! I've modeled 3 colors for yas, you can also get black,blue ice, flame, gold and silver! You can get these for the great price of $219...not into the big bewbs? Well these are perfect for that to as shown down below with no tango's!

New Skins from Boobielicious!! I'm showing you 3 of the shades here!..I actually love the skin and it comes with matching appliers. The skin is sorta has a Asian look to it..mysterious n sexy i thinks. You get tons of different skin tones and also your choice of makeups. Boobielicious is another store that's a prime leader in tango be sure to check them out for not only skins but clothing!!
I'm gonna add to these nails are amazing and yes I'm wearing the same ones in every pic,,they have a changeable hud, with glow,bright, and shine options..I have all the sets of them!! so <3

UP above:
::Exile:: Almost Had You: Wild Fusion
{ BoobieLicious }  Kim Skin Baked Shimmer/ Metallic
- DAMNED - My Perfect Eyelashes <3
JCNY - 'Valencia' Rare Gemstone, Formal Choker Set color change!!
+ DIVINITY + Reflections Bracelet Set
Synthetique Colour Tactics - Pastels
*Epic Boobies* Showstopper Outfit {Mist}

::Exile:: Groove Theory: Naturals
*Epic Boobies* Showstopper Outfit {Pink}
Synthetique Colour Tactics - Pastels
AITUI TATTOO - Sakura Night
{ BoobieLicious } Kim Skin Powder Cat / Emerald

::Exile:: One and Only: Dark Blondes
*Epic Boobies* Showstopper Outfit {Sea}
Synthetique Colour Tactics - Pastels
{ BoobieLicious }  Kim Skin Powder Cat / Emerald


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