Friday, January 4, 2013


 Hey guys !

This outfit makes me a seriously happy panda! Taste of asia. When I saw this hat and panda face I knew they belonged together <3 Not to mention these awesome shoes and legwarmers that come with a color change hud, you cant see in the pic but they have buttons that go up the side *_* Tattoo was too nice to wear pants lol Hope you dont mind me showing off some skin. Lets finish off with a song! Karma by Kristina Maria. 

!lamb. - brand new lover 
-UtopiaH- - Over Piercing 
.[.Masque.]. - Panda Face 
*illusions* - Cord Necklace and arm bands
(flaunt) - Dragon Lore Tattoo
:[P]: - Demon Fades 
Violent Seduction - La Morte Imp Corset
The Bishes Inc. - Angel Panties 
.::DMD::. - "Midday"Super High Leg Warmer Pump

Kissez Love Lil xo

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