Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jack or Jill Hunt /Newly Released Razorblade Jacket

Hey out there! Got my first blog coming out on a spectacular hunt coming your way, Jack Or Jill!! Which are you? Pretty easy to decide for most I think >.<..male or female dictates which path your going to choose because on this hunt it was made sure that there would be just as much for the guyz as the girls! Pick your path and start on a venture to 100 amazing quality items. Got a few things for you here a new release from Razorblade Jacket, who we all love!! And Endless Pain Tattoo, one of the hunt items .okok,so the tattoo is in the guy trail..I'm very back n forthy kinda girl when it comes to wearing male things,,so ladies.there's no reason you cant check out that guy trail also! I happen to love the tat! Kehl Razor has brought this awesome shirt,NEW RELEASE FROM RAZORBLADE!!, this isnt a hunt item but so worth your time to pick it up while your there!! comes with a hud with lots of color options and I've shown them to you down below!!  I've also got on somee fab jeans that i totally love and some mega sweet nails from DEER..they have the most amazing HUD and color options are off the hook, you also get the rings and a cigarette on/off option with color...amazing nails!! check it all out!
Jack Or Jill
Feb. 1 - 28, 2013

Putting a little twist on a typical Depraved Event...Jack or Jill is a GRID WIDE hunt, sponsored by Razorblade Jacket, ISPACHI & Hebenon Vial. Hunters will be divided and led down 2 different hunt paths, one female, one male. 50 Amazing stores along each path giving gifts designed specifically for the gender appropriate paths.


SKIN - !R - Kara Med ~ two
- DAMNED - My Perfect Eyelashes <3 
DR makeup smudgetastis - two tone blue used NEW 9 MAKE UP OPTIONS!
_ARGRACE Military Cap  Loose Chignon_ ~ (Platinum)
[ni.Ju] Visual Edge
JOJ Male #11 Endless Pain Tattoos JACK   JACK OR JILL HUNT ITEM
* .:: deeR ::. * hand set #1 female [Size 10/20/30]
=Razorblade Jacket= Ballistic Nylon 1/2 Coat w/ Shirt/// CAMO  NEW RELEASE!!!!
dl:: Queen of Hearts arm strap
*BLITZED* Legacy belt - Black
Auxiliary - Skinny Jeans - Black
drd bootslazy 3 (box) reg black MP


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