Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fastest Girl In Town

Hey out there, I hope everyone had a happy new year!!! I myself had a really good time with my sl family last nite and bringing in the new year brought alot of unexpected situations..we'll see how the big 2013 turns out! But today,its looking good cause I'm bringing you hot off the press the new release from FIEND...For one i think its totally adorable..the jeans im in love with..you know how your always lookin for something different? something to stand out in the crowd, well..these are them..their really snug around the hip,so great figure and rips..love them..you get your pick of pink,blue,black,gold,or the green top...I paired this with some awesome jewerly from Divinity and my [whatever] boots..Be sure to check out these awesome designers,cuz they got it going on! Again,happy new year and so lookin forward to the new fashions this year!


^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Erika HairStyle/Black-White
.:{KyS}:. Belly Butterflies
[FIEND] Spot the difference - partial mesh - comes with mesh jeans and jacket
+ DIVINITY + Love,Peace,and Divinity Necklace
+ DIVINITY + Reflections II set
[whatever] plateau boots - black

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