Sunday, December 30, 2012

Somewhere in Time....DRD*Frost

 Hiyas,,today I'm bringing you a full package deal,,,right here in the winter time,its perfect and awesome quality,,but everything we expect from DRD (Death Row Designs)...Jamie has really pulled off a awesome winter avatar and all your accessories come with it,,,I love the skin and the shape is sexy and got that innocent look to it. It comes with the hair,boots,outfit,jewelry,skin,eyes and shape at a great price of 300L and if your in the VIP group,,you get 50% off that! Yes you heard me correctly,,its awesome! Another great thing with this is the dress.its actually animated and sparkles..First time I've saw a piece of clothing like this on secondlife,,,be sure to check it out and all the other awesome designs from DRD!

yes,that one link will get you everything here!! full avatar! But make sure to head over to DepravedNation Frost for some awesome buys!>>>>TP TO FROST<<<< 


  1. Saph I didnt even recognize you xD I was all like omg we have a new blogger? o.O lololol