Friday, December 14, 2012

So Rich, So Pretty..........Pink Sugah

Haiiii!!! Yea its moi, Saphy and Cadence....yesh we have some awesome new items coming your way! 
First up mrawrrr..Pink Sugah,and let me say btw,,welcome aboard as a new sponsor to RockCandy\o/! Sexy fashions,and you can wear with or without the new Lolas mesh tangoes! These are the new pastel colored sailor outfits..sooooo hawt !! And gawd,check out these heels!! When me and Cadence headed to Linc to look around..and I saw these..seriously buttplugs? I gotta have them!!! love them and totally matched with the gloves..Cadence is wearing the pink and im in the blue..there is also a white..and Cadence is sporting those amazing spiked wedges from Factorie Couture.
Honestly if you have not gotton the Lolas Mesh Tangoes yet..let me tell you,,amazing..I of all people have been totally against the bewbs..the prim bewbs,any kind of fake bewbs..until these..I dont have to make them the size of a stadium..I mean I can if i wanted to, but I can make them my natural shapes size and with this BoobieLicious skin,that comes with the applier for the perfect skin matches perfect!! BoobieLicious you can count on for some great skins with appliers and awesome makeups..add to that beautiful sexy designed apparel to wear..if you have been defintely go check out both of these designers..cuz they hawt!

yes..thats a buttplug >.< love them!

Saphira Wearing:
::Exile:: Like Lovers Do: Light Blondes
{ BoobieLicious } Sandy_Luscious_Emerald/Blue Skin with Lolas Applier
+ DIVINITY + Reflections II Bracelet Set
:Hebenon Vial: Beast 
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts 
-=MY=- fishnet leggins
** Plug It Heels Lilac Leo
.::PS::. Hello Sailor (pastels)  (wearing blue)
:BGTT: My Hearty Pasties Bubblegum Pink

Dress - .::PS::. Hello Sailor (pink)
Shoes - Factorie Couture - Snow White Spiked Wedge
Tights - The Bishes Lingerie Set (Rose Stockings)
Hair - [AUX] Hair_Kimmi (Streaked) - Toast
Bracelets - [MANDALA]Milky Way Bangle/Polly white

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