Thursday, December 6, 2012

Snow Day!

  Oh how I miss the snow. I  don't get to break out the coats and pants very often where I live so I can live vicariously through my avatar for a minute. Sometimes you just need to fling yourself in the snow and flail violently till what sort of looks like an angel appears.Stick your tongue out and catch a snowflake,have a snowball fight,make a snow penis..err snowman , make yellow snow. 
Whatever sort of winter debauchery you do time to do it! After all the world is supposed to end soon may as well have some fun! Here I am in some awesome clothes from my fav SL designers Check it out!

 Jeans: [AB] MESH Mark Jeans Black
Jacket: **S&C** Alex Jacket - White 
Thermal:  [*RD*]*Grey Thermal-Snowman-J*
Necklace: + Divinity + Love, Peace & Divinity Neckalce M
Piercings: SuPerBia PierCinGs *SeT 8* MaLe .
Tongue: Store is closed but here is another one very similar [lich]
Boots:Yasum* Snugger* MESH* Boots
Skin: COLIN XYR rosy-pale HB *Step inSide*
Eyes: .ID. Deep Colors / Mens Dept / Blue
 Hat/Hair: Cobrahive - Ivan - Coffee

                          it go boom!

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