Saturday, December 29, 2012

Frost Tingles *AlterEgo*

 Okay so christmas is over,,but winter is so not over,,,i had so many icicles outside my house this morning,its honestly just now begining to get lesson one with that,,,keep those winter clothes out for awhile spring is no where near yet. The second great thing to that is that you got till January 2nd to still get over to DepravedNations Frost!! I know I blog for Depraved,,but does that mean i dont want to go to Frost? Urm nuu..I've been like 3 times already and Im going back! I may need some therapy I know but at least I got some awesome fashions!! While trolling along I got this awesome cuteness from AlterEgo,,i chose the mint color,cuz it's just winter to me,,but theres a few colors to choose from! You get everything included here except the hair and jewerly..speaking of...Divinity! This oh so cute necklace fit the outfit perfect, Noah has all kinds of awesome jewelry so be sure to check them out!! I also added this ohmagawsh cute tongue and eye piercing from Earthstones!! Enjoy,then get over to Frost,,go go go go go!!

 TRUTH HAIR Chynna -  fades
*GA* Mesh Lashes Starlia
::))HaRdCoRe DeSiGnS((::Chrome/Diamond Piercing Set
Earthstones Yule Brow Piercing
+ DIVINITY + Lovestruck Necklaces
Earthstones Frosty Flake Tongue
{alterego} chilly [FR] - mint 

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