Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dream Catcher


Hey there,
Sick of me yet? Too bad!!! lol Much more casual look today, this is something I wouldnt mind wearing in real life. Im all ABOUT streaked/dipped/ different colored hairs. I actually dyed my hair half pink in real life, but enough about me !!! Short and sweet today here are your links....

>Truth<   - Rashida (cupcake)
[EY:NO]  -  Dreamcatcher Set (color change earrings and necklace)
:.WoE.: :- Cary Sweater (plum faded)
*V* TATTOO  - Sakura tattoo
[SC] Surf Couture  - Cafe Shorts (faded rose)
*League* -  - Thermal Long Socks Frayed (softpink)
KAO  - Suede Fringe Boots (pink)
Kissez Love Lil xo

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