Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dear Maria

So I brought some arm candy with me again, the handsome chandler chrome ! I like doing matching outfits with male counterparts, its fun and quite frankly adorable. We are wearing matching beanies and YES the rips in my jeans are in the shape of hearts <3 Why is this post called Dear Maria ? Cause I flippin love this song, links below check it out.

On Moi:

*Drot* - The Beanie
::Exile:: - Little Things (Dirty)
BND - Nerdz Glasses
:GAUGED: - Human Ear 2"
.Pekka. - Corrupted Piercing
Emery - Silk Scarf Holly (black)
*T*Whore - Slouchy Tee Stripped Black
::Para Designs:: - Invictus Tatt
[Detour] - Nails Opium 1 
Nomine - Taped fingers
~Pepper~ - Multi Belt (color change) 
Maitreya - Stagioni Boots (coal) 
TonkTastic - Sock Top Add-ons

On ChanChan:

*Drot* - The Adam - Chocolate
!::Wicked Tattoos::i - Forever Bound Tatt
BND - Nerdz Glasses
MALE[MANDALA] - Stretched ears OMIMI
Kosh - Multiplex Necklace
*Muism* - MTT/Grey
[M.o.w] - Cardigan Male Black
*Muism* - Cargo Shorts_Grey
TonkTastic - 50's Jump Boots (black)
TonkTastic - Sock Top Add-ons

Kissez! Love Lil xo

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