Saturday, December 8, 2012

Back Alley

First of all, let me introduce you to the smexy chandler! Isn't he yummy? :Q__Its a long post today mostly because there are two of us and I am spamming you with pictures lol! Today's look is grunge, we are both rocking :sey: and *muism*!! Cause in sl women can pull off men's clothing just as well as the guys. So dont be shy of that men's department...why should they have all the fun? So lets wrap this up with notes on where we got all our cool junk :D    
On my boy:                                                                                      

...:::Scrub::...   - Pinched Neck Piercing   
*Blitzed*   - Legacy Cuffs (black) 
*Muism* -  Wrangler Denim (black) 
*SH*   - Guren Hair (Salamander) 
:Defectiva:   - Combat Boots 
:SEY:  - Maki2 N. Shirt (red) 
MANDALA   - Stretched Ears OMIMI (fatpack)  
Nomine   gloves - Full length   
SuPerBia   - Piercings *SeT GiFTy2* 
Wicked Tattoos    - Born Evil 

 On meh:  

.Ploom.   - Amerlee (streaked)  
.Pekka.   - Splint Piercing 
:Gauged:   - Human Ears - 2"
[Twee.]  - Black Twine Necklace
Soulbeats   - Ms. Leo
:SEY:  - Denim Jacket   
Nomine - Taped Gloves 
:SEY: - RJK2 Studded Belt =Black= 
*Muism* - Wrangler Denim (black)
DRD   - Loose boots                                                                                                                                            

Kissez! Love Lil xo

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