Friday, December 7, 2012

A Chill In The Air? ....DepravedNation Frost 12-12-12

Well helllo..hey there..hows it goin? Got some interesting stuff here to show you so you can get a good look at whats coming your way in the DepravedNations "Frost" event. NIVARO skins,new release first up and I have to say I'm impressed. This skin is excellent quality,defined,and comes with 3 body hairs,optional bald hair base also..and that nice trail the ladies love. This is a pale skin but your not gonna be disappointed,excellent skin. Second up,[S H O C K] Pierce my face...these come in male and female versions,so be sure to inform ur ladies..whats different with these,you click them and you get 7 color options for the plugs and 7 for the piercings..however you wanna do them up. Excellent design!..Last but not the least Endless Pain new release "FROST" Asian Dragon tattoo. This tat is a total thumbs up! FROST begins 12-12-12 so get ready for winter bliss and awesome sales!


Endless Pain Tattoos :  :FROST: Special  FROST EXCLUSIVE
:Hebenon Vial:  Shadowseer [Supernatural] Male Eye Collection
[ S H O C K ]   Pierce my face - Piercings FROST EXCLUSIVE
+ROZOREGALIA+  *Gemma*Ring&Nail/1(M)


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