Tuesday, November 27, 2012

So Sexy ~n~ Yummie It Must Be Candy.....Holli Pocket

Hay Hay,did you so miss us,I know you did! Todays got something super sweet for yas and oh so sexy..if you dont already know them and I know alot do...introducing HolliPocket! So background story..Cadence and I decided to do some shopping and headed over to the Lolas store where the new mesh bewbies have come out...now me..I will be the first to admit,,,never have liked the fake bewbs...but when Cadence bought these and put them on...O.O..I went straight to buy them,,they are fantastic!!! So more story,,Cad's like we gotta go over to HolliPocket,which I myself had never been,so we did and I met the most sweetest fantastic lady there..Holli has tons of awesome designs and yes she has the appliers for your Lolas or prim bewbies which ever you wear...(psst,go get the mesh bewbies,,you will love them!)..Holli was so awesome to give me this outfit and we talked and now HolliPocket is a brand new sponsor of RockCandy! \o/ Where gonna be bringing you some hotty outfits and know that Holli has all the tango appliers that you need!!  We added some hot shoes and mmmm made us feel like cotton candy x.o..head over to HolliPocket today for some off the hook fashions and awesome Lolas apparel !!!

I also wanna add to this..another new sponsor BoobieLicious..any of you gals out there that are looking for skins that already have your Lolas skin applier..well you can find them here..excellent skins with lolas skin appliers, for the perfect match, Im wearing the Sandy..and just so you know..these bewbs in out pictures above are not photoshopped..thats the real deal right there x.o

"Hey Y'all it's Cadence here. I have to add that Holli is the person I went to when I was starting my own blog and she assured me not only that I'd have her and her stores support but that she thinks ill do great on my own. She might not know it but if she didn't tell me that I might have never started Blur The Divide and thus never prompting this blog. She's my go to uber sexy girlie store and I adore all her clothes super hard. Thanks Holli!"

.ploom. 5 More Minutes - Candy
{ BoobieLicious }  Sandy_Luscious_Emerald/Blue (skin)
>>> moloko <<< - Face Piercing >1< neko f><k
EarthStones  Marquessa Diamond Necklace
:OW:  "LiCKABLE" Bubblegum Lipstick Set 
Pink Acid  Fierce Kitty Face Make-Up
Lolas  ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
*HolliPocket*  Fishy Tight Minis-Set 3 (wearing Bubblegum)
[MANDALA] TAKARA Bangle Pink / Nail&Ring
>>> moloko <<< Flower Power Tattoo
:)(:  Mya Clogs Pastel

Truth Hair - [e] Mood - blonde 02
AITUI - Type 2 Stretched Ear - Elf
[PF] <Lt. Tones> - Lip Glaze - Siren
.Pekka. Miracle Piercing
Izzie's Rainbow Color Bangles
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breast
*HolliPocket*  Fishy Tight Minis-Set 3 (wearing LemonDrop)
*HolliPocket* Bowie Pumps

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