Monday, November 26, 2012

It's 5 o'clock in The Morning

"It's 5 o' clock in the morningConversation got boringYou said you'd go into bed soonSo I snuck off to your bedroomAnd I thought I'd just wait thereUntil I heard you come up the stairsAnd I pretended I was sleepinAnd I was hoping you would creep in...."

           Ever have those nights when you can't sleep? Whether it's 
because of family, a lover, a fight, a loneliness, a need, or just plain
 tossing and turning. Something unsettles us and we find ourselves
 awake in our beds. So I decided to get out of my bed, and take 
some photos of myself being unsettled in my bed, With a pose prop
 brought to you by [!ZOOM], entitled Posing Artisty {The Bed}.       This phenomenal mesh boyfriends shirt in Plaid Pink is from
 Dirty Laundry Designs and it blows some of those other nightshirts
 out of the water in quality and look!! The glasses and ballet bow 
flats from [VG ]complete the ready for bed look in it's entirety. The 
flats come with an easy color change HUD and you can change the
 color for 3 separate pieces of the show, including the bow, with 
multiple color options for each!!!!
What I'm Wearing:
Boyfriend Shirt: Dirty Laundry Designs  - Boyfriends Shirt -Pink Plaid  Hair:  Truth  - Dolly - FadesGlasses:  Mad Mesh  - Mesh Nerd Glasses - Pink
Flats:  [VG]  Ballet Bow Flats
Skin:[HUSH] - Zoe - Delicate - Honey
Nails: [ S H O C K ]   - Shine Tech Nails
Collar:  JCNY  - Key to My Heart Slave Collar - Engraved - Scripted
Earrings:  Chop Zuey - Escape from Manila Earrings
Ring: Bandit  - Dephra Ladies Combo Ring
Pose: [!ZOOM]  - Posing Artistry {The Bed} 


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